Requesting Radiology Services for Research

Please involve the Department of Radiology early in the planning process for your research grant proposal. We are here to help researchers utilize our facilities, technology and professional expertise. Our office will provide logistical planning and protocol set up for your radiology services.

The first step in acquiring radiology services for your study is to submit your full protocol and a Pricing Request Form to Meagan Sok at or Box 980470. Please allow up to two weeks for evaluation and pricing of your study.* A Service Agreement then will be generated and sent to you via e-mail. For government grants, pricing is based on Medicare rates. For non-government grants, pricing is based on a negotiated percentage of standard charges.

Once you have agreed to the terms of the Service Agreement, you will need to have it signed by the Principal Investigator. At this point, complete and return the formal Billing Forms from MCV Physicians and the VCU Health System, which will have been previously sent to you along with the Service Agreement. The billing forms are to be filled out one time only. If incomplete forms are received, full radiology charges will apply.

Your packet will also include a Registration Form, which must be presented each time a patient presents for a study-related, non-standard-of-care imaging procedure. This form will be prepopulated with study-specific information and must be given to the patient to present at registration. It must also be faxed to the appropriate registration desk (see form for number) to ensure appropriate scheduling and registration.

Once your study is up and running, please inform us of any protocol adherence problems immediately. If you encounter any billing errors while administering your project, please notify our department as soon as possible via our Billing Correction Form. This form may be faxed, mailed or e-mailed to Chelsea Stine.

As part of your service agreement, we require that you e-mail a Monthly Report of patients who have received radiology services. The log must include patient name, patient MRI number, study title, exam and exam date. We will use this information to ensure billing accuracy.

* If the quoted price is unacceptable, please send a letter requesting reduced pricing with an explanation of the circumstances necessitating the request to the Radiology Executive Committee, c/o Meagan Sok, Box 980470. Include a brief synopsis of your study with a description of the radiology services requested. The Executive Committee will review the request and notify you of its decision as soon as possible, typically within two to three weeks.

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