Special Reads and Images


If preliminary test images need to be obtained and sent to a Core Imaging Lab:

  • If imaging is performed on a human subject, the cost of the exam will be charged.
  • If imaging is obtained from a prior study, a fee will be charged for time and effort.
  • Labeling and shipping of the CDs will be the responsibility of the study’s coordinator.
  • All CDs will have patient information anonimyzed. VCU’s name and logo will remain.
  • HIPAA forms “Request for Limited Data Set” and “Request for De-Identified Health Information” must be submitted to Buzz Willis at the Compliance Services Office. These forms can be downloaded from the VCU HIPAA Compliance Web site and sent electronically.
  • A copy of the HIPAA approval must be given to radiology administration prior to requests and receipt of anonimyzed test images.

If there is a radiology-specific protocol for imaging:

  • A copy must be given to the supervisor of the appropriate area of radiology (i.e., CT) to compare to existing protocols. If it differs greatly and the study is to be read by a staff radiologist, the radiologist must give approval for implementing the protocol as to keep with our high quality imaging standards.
  • Once approved, the study’s coordinator must provide a binder with the following three sections: full protocol, the radiology-specific protocol and coordinator contact information along with the PI’s information. This binder will then be placed in the work area of radiology that will be providing the service(s).

Special Radiologist Reading Requirements

RECIST, WHO or any Standardized Radiology Research Read

Flat Rate Fee = $100 per area-of-interest (i.e., chest, abdomen, pelvis CTs are charged $100 each for a total of $300 if all three areas are needed).


  • If no lesions are found, a charge of $75 will be invoiced (per area of interest).
  • Coordinator must provide proof (i.e., send the report) so as not to be billed the full $100.

Process for RECIST/Research Read set up

  • RECIST costs are to be included in Service Agreement.
  • The research director facilitates assignment of a radiologist to provide reads.

*A back-up radiologist may be provided for emergency scenarios (i.e., assigned radiologist is off for one week and a measurement is needed in 48 hours) upon request of the study coordinator or PI.

The coordinator will be notified of the assigned radiologist, the coordinator must contact the radiologist to determine the work flow strategy (i.e., how will radiologists be alerted to a subjects exam date/time etc.).

Duration of the Study

  • When scheduling a patient for a radiology study that requires a RECIST read, be sure to add to the order’s comments (must appear on radiology’s PPF form) which radiologist is to perform the read (i.e., Dr. Halvorsen is to perform RECIST Read).
  • In the monthly radiology report sent to Chelsea Stine, please add RECIST Reads performed so that charges are invoiced appropriately.
  • Always alert the assigned radiologist of an upcoming special read.
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