Radiology Research Services Information

The Department of Radiology is excited to collaborate with all different departments on patient diagnosis and treatment by providing ancillary services for research projects.  From chest radiographs to bone scans, from CT to SPECT scanning and everything in between, the Radiology Department is here to provide the needed services.

To start the process of our successful collaboration, the proposed research protocol or plan needs to be reviewed through our Office of Radiology Research Administration.  Once reviewed, our research administrator will work with your study team to create the Radiology Services Research Plan for your project to ensure that the treatment of the patients and collaboration of investigators is as successful as it can be.

Important Notes and Reminders:

  • To ensure that the services are ready for your first patient, please alert the Research Administrator at least 2 weeks prior to enrollment of your first patient.  For some of the tests being performed, special software needs to be used and updated.  We would like to be ready for enrollment before your first patient arrives for the testing.
  • A monthly log is required to be kept for each study utilizing Radiology Services.  This needs to be completed and emailed to the Research Administrator, Meagan Sok, at the end of each month.
  • Remember to alert our Research Administrator to any change in study status, from opening, to hold, to closing.
Please contact the Radiology Research Administrator with any questions at (804) 828-8196.
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