Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the process started to obtain radiology services for a research study?
    E-mail a price request form to Meagan Sok and attach the full protocol.
  • How often do I fill out the billing forms?
    Only one time. The billing forms are to be completed by the requesting department and returned to Meagan Sok along with the signed Service Agreement. If the completed billing forms are not received by the radiology research administration office 30 days prior to first enrolled patient, full radiology charges will be applied.
  • When do I use the Patient Registration Form?
    Only when grant funds are going to pay for a radiology service. One form per patient, per imaging study is required. For example, if a study is paying for a patient to have a chest X-ray and CT, two registration forms are needed. For more guidance, refer to the Department of Radiology Ancillary Research Services Handbook [PDF].
  • Can I add a service to an existing Service Agreement?
    Yes. However, a new Price Request Form must be sent. A revised Service Agreement will be returned to the principle investigator for review and signature. The revised and resigned service agreement should be sent back to Meagan Sok.
  • When is the monthly log due?
    Logs are due at the end of each month and should be received no later than the fifth of the following month. All pertinent information must be included. This should be e-mailed to Meagan Sok.
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