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Incidental Renal Lesion Detected on a Lumbar Spine MRI, May 2010

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A 50 yo female with right L5 radiculopathy underwent a lumbar spine MRI which demonstrated lumbar spondylosis with a small L5 disc herniation (not shown).  Incidentally, an incompletely visualized fluid signal lesion was detected within the left kidney.  A followup CT discogram was performed, which partially imaged the left renal lesion (Figure 1).  Because of recurrent fevers, symptoms and abnormal laboratory values after the discogram, the patient underwent a contrast enhanced lumbar spine MRI to exclude an infection.  This study demonstrated the left renal lesion, which could not be characterized as a simple cyst (Figures 2-4).  A followup ultrasound was performed for further evaluation (Figure 5). 

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5

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